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CEO Coach and Mentor

As a seasoned nonprofit CEO, it is has been very meaningful to serve as a sounding-board, coach and mentor to many CEO colleagues in a variety of service disciplines.  This includes navigating the challenges of board governance, staff deployment, mission and budget development, financial resource development and program development.  

Nonprofit Board Advisor

A nonprofit Board Advisor is contracted by the organization to enable both key professionals and volunteer leaders to utilize the Advisor's services in addressing a variety of issues, some of which will be apparent at the initiation of the of relationship and some which will emerge once the work commences. This Advisor role is designed to be six to twelve months in duration which can be extended depending upon the organization’s needs.  

Funder's Advisor/Representative

It is a great privilege to work closely with families, individuals and foundations to assist them in fulfilling their philanthropic vision.  An advisor and/or philanthropic representative can assist donors in assuring maximum impact and assuring that the time is allotted to working with nonprofit funding recipients to assure that funds are used effectively and in concert with donor intent.

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