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Process, Values and Structure


Regardless of the specific role, the service provided is results-oriented while placing value on the process, which is characterized as follows:


— Collaborative and facilitative:  No one knows the nonprofit organization, or the philanthropic funder, better than the organization or funder.  The Advisor's collaborative approach is designed to foster trusting relationships which assist the client in setting priorities and establishing a work plan and criteria for success. The Advisor’s “diagnostic listening” contributes to clarity and agreement on where to start the work and what the intended results are for the client and helps define the essential aspects of the relationship between the Advisor and client. 

—Honoring the Change Process (for the nonprofit organization): Advisor services almost always involves consultation in managing change and the understanding that, particularly in organizational settings, with change comes resistance. From the initial meeting with a client until the completion of service, the Advisor is alert to recognizing the tension in between what is currently happening and what the client seeks to happen and identifying where there is the willingness and the resources to actualize change.  

—Valuing the Mission: Nonprofits make a difference in the lives of a diversity of people by strengthening and supporting people who without their help would have a less favorable quality of life. The Advisor will not only respect the mission and values of the organizations which he  agrees to serve or interact with, but also respect the people who make up that organization; including the professionals, volunteer leaders and the recipients of the services that the organizations provide.

The Advisor-client relationship is optimally a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect. The expectation is that the duration of the Advisor-client relationship will be a minimum of six to 12 months.  The structure of the relationship, including the Advisor’s anticipated areas of focus, will be based upon mutual agreement. 

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